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Bookkeeping Services Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish, & Beyond

Bookkeeping, Payroll, & Administration for your Construction or Service Trade

Bookkeeping Services

Working exclusively online with Dext - Receipt Bank, QuickBooks Online, and other apps that make work lives easier we run a paperless ship with no need for trips to our office. If you're in Whistler, Pemberton, Squamish, or anywhere in B.C., Black Onyx provides custom services to meet your needs in a local but virtual online setting for efficiency and ease. Bookkeeping services include full cycle monthly reconciled bookkeeping, year-end preparation and hand-off to corporate tax filing accountant,  Accounts Receivable (Invoicing and Chasing Payments), Accounts Payable (Getting the Bills Posted and Paid), GST filing, PST filing, WCB Reporting, EHT filing, Payroll Service by Direct Debit, Payroll Tax filing, Compliance Advisory, Cash Flow and assistance with Financial Management, Strategic Planning, Job Costing, Systems Advising.

Want to start a business and need some setup assistance? Not sure if you should incorporate it? We can help.

Every business has very similar but custom needs, including yours. Do your business the justice it deserves and gain control over the business side of your operation.

Special Projects & Operational Tasks

Need a hand with some of your other administrative duties or special projects? Sometimes you need more out of your bookkeeping service! Black Onyx can also give you a hand with the content management on your website, help you get the uniforms organized for your crew that you've always wanted,  maybe you don't have time to get signs made for your project sites, or need help getting contracts organized and signed by your clients. Black Onyx will be happy to get involved with the other operational administrative tasks your business has because we know what it's like being you. It's hard to find the time off the job site to get the other stuff done, and even worse sometimes when you're away expensive mistakes happen; or maybe it would be nice to get back to seeing your weekends out of the office and playing outside! The more successful your business is the more successful Black Onyx is. Sometimes you need more than just a bookkeeper to achieve your business goals and it's most productive to have you out on the front lines.

Catch Up & Systems Development

You don't know what you don't know - like you should have started with a professional bookkeeper, or gotten some solid set up advise from a professional! This is normal. Lots of small business start-ups think they are going to handle the bookkeeping themselves, but little do they realize there's a lot more to it than they thought and they don't have time to learn the new skills. A lot of small businesses have to face the music of falling way behind on reporting duties and CRA payments, it happens all the time. The important thing now is making the steps forward, getting organized, and changing habits for the future success of your business. Black Onyx can help.